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Approaching Moderate Rain Cell Stopped With Massive Chemtrails June 5th 2011

On June 5th 2011 at 3:23 PM EST the National Weather Service Radar in Buffalo N.Y. indicated a moderate rain cell moving south on Lake Ontario approaching Wayne County N.Y. We had clear blue skies at the time and we are located approx. 12 miles inland due south with a clear view of the Northern horizon. We viewed the approaching front at 3:23 PM with a temp. of 73 degrees and a humidity of 71%. We then observed high altitude aircraft approaching from the East and West with long contrails that did not evaporate but expanded and began to drape down in long angel hair like substance.

The advancing rain front appeared to begin breaking up, and with a quick check of the National Service Radar we observed at 4:18 PM EST that the rain cell had completly evaporated and disappeared of the Buffalo N.Y. radar. We then proceded to observe constant chemtrails untill 4:57 PM EST when the sky was completly filled with man made clouds. At 5:36 PM EST the temp. was again 73 degrees but the humidity was now 47% with rapidly clearing skies from the West and North.

It appeared to us that the aircraft aerosol spraying was responsible for the dramtic change in humidity and breakup of the approaching cell. We also noted a unusual odor which we seemed to be able to taste. At 5:48 PM EST the skies began to clear and by 5:56 we again had blue skies with the remaining artificial clouds rapidly moving East, with no visible aircraft in the sky. We have been without rain for many weeks and we are approaching drought conditions due to the constant aerosol spraying that we experience nearly daily when rain is being forcast.

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Approaching Moderate Rain Cell Stopped With Massive Chemtrails June 5th 2011, 8.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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17 Comments for “Approaching Moderate Rain Cell Stopped With Massive Chemtrails June 5th 2011”

  1. Something doesn’t seem right about this report.
    According to the records, Buffalo started out the year slightly below average rainfall, but currently has recorded 7 inches above average for this year.

    For this month, they received one inch on the 6th:

    Last month, they received over two inches:

    The spring was way above average:
    “BUFFALO, N.Y. — All of the rain is setting records in the Buffalo area.
    According to the National Weather Service, Buffalo has broken previous rainfall records for the month of May and the spring season.
    As of Friday at noon, the total for May 2011 was 7.55 inches, breaking the record of 7.35 inches set in May 1892. The total rainfall for March, April and May stands at 17.87 inches. That shatters the previous spring rain record of 14.90 back in 1991.
    “I hate all of this rain. I mean, I know we need it for the plants to grow but come on let’s stop already,” said Tracy Murphy. “I am tired of it though. I am, I’m tired of it. The dog doesn’t like it. The streets should be hopping with people, it’s summer. I’m tired of it though,” said Sean Fitzgerald. “It’s a little much. It is pretty miserable. It cuts down on what you can do outside,” said Claire Schen.
    With more rain in the forecast, those rain totals will just keep climbing.”
    more again:

    Blogger talk about rain during June:

    By the end of June, they were soaked:

    So, how could they say that June was a drought, when May had a record breaking rainfall? This report simply isn’t credible, compared to multiple sources.

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  2. Upstate Western NY did have a great deal of rain in May and beginning of June 2011, but areas such as Wayne County are in need of rain. Link below from Weatherforyou shows a detailed map of the moisture anomoly.


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  3. Buffalo NY did recieved a great deal of rain in May and June but Buffalo lies 80+ miles west of Wayne County NY, and lake affect storms advance from Lake Erie from West to East into Erie and Niagara Counties. We have friends who own a apple orchard farm in Wayne County and they do need moisture as of July 11th 2011. Not sue why the first comment was giving links for Buffalo weather when they stated they were east of Rochester NY in Wayne County actually Central NY.

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    “The December 2005 Popular Science Magazine discussed a plan to use an oil slick to stop hurricanes without noting the adverse environmental impacts of the oil used to cover the ocean. Popular Science also noted that a private company, Dyn-O-Mat had been conducting ‘…early trials. In July 2001, Dyn-O-Mat engineers dumped 8,000 pounds of their Dyn-O-Mat Gel (capable of absorbing 4,000 tons of water), over a small thunderstorm near the Florida coast. Within minutes the storm disappeared from Doppler weather radar…’

    “According to Popular Science ‘…Dyn-O-Mat’s founder and CEO, has already arranged to lease a specially rigged 747 ‘supertanker’ to conduct trials on actual hurricanes. Meanwhile, he has assembled an all-star team of scientists and labs at Florida State University, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, NOAA, and elsewhere to begin running computer models that analyze the gel’s effect on larger storms…’We already know the gel works’, says Cordani…’Now we need to figure out how much to use and where to put it’…‘Could hurricane and other experiments be causing drought in Georgia and other states in 2007?’”

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  5. hmmm, a 1″ rain falling over one square mile produces 17,380,000 gallons of water:

    The above quantity of water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon, so
    17,380,000 gallons times 8.34 lbs./gal. means the water falling on one square mile would weigh 144.9492 million pounds.

    144.9492 million pounds divided by 2000 lbs./ton is 72,474 tons

    The dyno-mat experiment was able to absob 4,000 tons of water, you say?

    What part of 1 square mile’s worth of rain was dried up by the dyno-mat experiment?

    To get the percentage, take the 4000 tons divided by 72,474 tons equals
    .05 or 5%.

    So, a release of 4 tons (8000 lbs.) of dyno-mat was capable of drying up 5% of the rain which could fall on one square mile.

    How much is 5% of one square mile?

    One square mile is 640 acres.
    640 acres times .05 equals 32 acres.

    So, the dyno mat was able to stop a of 32 acre thunderstorm with a specially equipped 747.


    Wayne County NY contains 1384 square miles.
    A 1″ rain falling over Wayne County weighs 144.9492 million pounds times
    1384 square miles equals 200.609 billion pounds.

    How much dyno-mat is required to dry that up?

    From Popular Science, the rate of absorption of dyno-mat is
    8000 lbs per 4000 tons (8000/4000) equals 2 pounds per ton.

    200,609,692,800 pounds equals 100,304,846 tons.

    100,304,846 divided by 2 pounds/ton equals 50,152,423 pounds of dyno-mat.

    A 747 cargo jet can carry 124 tons, 248,000 lbs.

    50,152,424 pounds/248,000 ponds per flight equals 202.

    So, to dry up a 1 inch rain over Wayne County NY using dyno-mat would take 202 flights of 747’s.

    It’s a big sky out there!

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  6. Glad you have a good calculator Jay. That experiment was 10 yrs ago in ‘early trials’ and it wasn’t specified that the ‘small storm’ covered 5% of one square mile, or how much drying it takes to dissipate rain. And, who knows what changes to the product have been made since then? Is your point that they couldn’t possible be experimenting or perfecting their manipulation of the weather?

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  7. My point was to examine the claim using fact and matematics rather than mere speculation. Though man might wish to control nature, history has shown us that nature’s forces and immense size do not lend themselves to being controlled so easily as us puny humans might hope.

    BTW, te 2001 experiment used a C-130 prop plane. The release of a powder would not have a gap between the aircraft and the stream behind it the way contrails do. Do you have any photos of what was claimed to have happened in Wayne County? Because if there is a gap where hot exhaust moisture hasn’t condensed, it is contra-indicative of a solid substace, but indicative of an ordinary water vapor contrail.
    Thnk about it.

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  8. Upstate New York has been under assult from Chemtrails, I also first witnessed them on June 5th 2011 near where the report came from. I have taken photos of that incident and posted them on Flicker. So far the month of July we have seen almost daily spraying, and I will be adding some amazing photos shortly. Yes the area has seen no rain since June 1st 2011, and it is plane as day as to why. They are attacking any moisture from storms and cells and it is apparent they want to put the area into a drought situation. I have witnessed their non-stop spraying, and we have been able to smell and taste the chemicals that drift down in a dramatic fashion. Link Below To Photos.

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  9. Aircraft trails is acknowledged can eliminate and prevent rain clouds formation. It is normal for a region to experience drought if trailing continue to happen. That is risk of allowing trails to happen in a region.

    My theory:
    “If you want to stop drought, stop those trailing. Or create a source of negative ion. If you stop it too late and let the trails to stack a very thick man made cirrus, beware of flood.”

    Scientific paper:
    “The researchers note that contrail cirrus also reduce natural cirrus coverage”

    “Contrail-cirrus clusters build up regionally and may prevent natural clouds from forming”

    “We also find that contrail cirrus cause a significant decrease in natural cloudiness”

    I observe natural clouds dissapearance by trails myself. I observe that even big dark rain clouds will start to dissapear when trailing begin. In here trails never start with short trails, always start with horizon to horizon persistent trails.

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  10. We have DAILY HEAVY spraying for the last few months now near Livonia NY. I have been researching trails for 3 years, and this has to be, on a consistent level, the heaviest spraying I’ve seen. I’ve been in both Philly and Hartford Ct. over the last few months, and the spraying, especially in Philly, was horrendous. And if you asked people there what they thought, they said it was clouds. Wow. I have been stuffed up for months now, and I don’t usually get sick, at all. I have headaches all the time, and up until this time, I pretty much NEVER got headaches. We have fresh water lakes near where I live, and it’s obvious the spraying going on is to poison the lakes, as they are used to provide drinking water to all of Rochester. I can smell the spray, and when I get up in the morning, if I start sneezing, it’s always because these bastards start every day, early in the morning, spraying until the sky becomes that evil gray white color. They spray at night, and I’ve seen clear nights where you could see stars from horizon to horizon. But when I’ve gone and logged in to the Weather Channel online, they show a blanket of clouds for the hours leading up to when I see the stars. There is something wrong with the way THAT is being handled….I have seen clouds on the weather channel when it’s clear outside, and the other way around as well….showing clear on the Weather Channel when it’s raining. We have the opposite issue where I live…they spray and make it rain ALL THE DAMN TIME. This has got to stop. If you live in WNY and want clear proof that spraying is going on, or want pictures or videos of constant spraying, just sit at the park on the north end of Hemlock Lake and you will be stunned. It is as scary as it is enraging. Please write to me at chemtrailtracker14466 at gmail.com if you want to converse. I am starting a chemtrail expose for my area and could use people who are good with cameras, video cams, editing movies, etc. Another thing….if you are in the Syracuse area heading to Rochester, on any given day that it’s clean, you will see on the horizon heading toward Rochester a massive cloud over the city. They never stop spraying. There is a reason this area gets the spray attention it does. I’m trying to figure out why. Any help is appreciated.

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  11. I am in central Calif. I have owned a ranch here for 15 years. For the first time my large pond in completely dry. We have had no rain this winter. There is no snow in the mountains. We are entering the 2 week of Jan. Last year we were skiing on halloween. All summer the sky was covered with chemtrails. I watched yesterday as a front was coming in from over the Sierras and several chemtrails were laid out in the sky before it disappeared. Why and who???

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  12. I’ve been watching chemtrails for a year now as they become more frequent and more dense in San Jose and the Bay Area. This year when rain is forecast, chemtrails swarm the sky including the coastside where the fronts usually originate. Our once beautiful skies become a filmy, milky web of chemicals. The rain never has a chance. This is the driest winter of my life here. There may be a water and food shortage being created by this spraying, as well as health issues. This horrible geoengineering is truly tragic.

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  13. Jay, your many factoids are 1. a nlogical fallcy. the report was on an isolted incident and you give figures for anual rainfall. you also have a LOT of factoids but know nothing about the big growth indsutry of geoengineering? you are a disinformation specialist. every covert op hires millions of you. u are complcit in this mass culling. prepare to change your haett as u will soon be seeing your Creator and HE’s NOT layghing abou the million s who are being slowly killed by this chemical overload and the ionizing radiation that goes with it.

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  14. Jay, prepare to meet God. life is short and God ain’t HAPPY about people who help kill others suing covert chemical ops and ionizing radiation.

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  15. azgirl7 glad u don’t buy JAY’s crap. God help Jay get OUT of this covert op that is killing millions each year. spare his life if he tries to get out. cover him and make him invisible to the people he works for. give JAY compassion for babies who are dying of heart problems and old men and young too dying of COPD and thyroid disorders and cancers of all kinds due to this spraying. Thank YOu God for giving us compassion when we turn from our ways of killing and greedy grasping for power, money and the temporal crap this world shoves at us.

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  17. Thanks for finally talking about > Approaching Moderate Rain Cell
    Stopped With Massive Chemtrails June 5th 2011 | AirCrap.org < Loved it!

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