Virginia – Rocket Explodes under Chemtrails

Antares Rocket Under Chemtrails

Antares Rocket Explodes! An Orbital Sciences Antares rocket carrying an unmanned cargo craft bound for the International Space Station exploded into flames Tuesday evening moments after launch at NASA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in Wallops Island, Virginia. Read more: Antares Rocket Under Chemtrails Watch: A bird’s-eye view of rocket explosion at NASA

Air force Testifies DARPA Ran Experiments at HAARP Facility


Harold Saive Air force Testifies HAARP Used to Control Ionosphere   Air Force Testifies HAARP No Longer Needed to Control Ionosphere Chemtrail by Susan Duclos Wake up America While HAARP and weather control has been called a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media and government officials, during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, David Walker, deputy […]

Nick Begich : Technology to Control the Weather

Nick Begich

GlobalBEM HAARP – Angels Still Don’t Play This Harp (Nick Begich) Nick’s book Angels Don’t Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology  

Chemical Sunrise Over Wyoming Oct 4 2014


Mike Decker Published on Oct 4, 2014 After Many days of non stop chemical spraying over Wyoming,this is the result with a government guest spraying his way threw.. Your Breathing this People! Mike calls the Governor’s office Follow Mike on Facebook

DOCUMENTARY: “The Great Culling” Explains Chemtrails Ebola and Pandemics

David Keith 3

chemtrailsplanet VIDEO TRAILER LINK ORDER THE FULL DVD Our Water ‘The Great Culling’ of the human population has quietly begun. Covertly, insidiously, mercilessly, a global depopulation agenda has been launched. As this plays out, the vast majority of the human race will be removed from the gene pool. Genetically annihilated. Will you and your genetic […]

Jesse Ventura Fake Interview with Ken Caldeira – Captain Chemtrail

Truth and Art TV

  Truth and Art Tv Important Message For Chemtrails Activists- Beware! Former Governor Jesse Ventura’s recent “counter conspiracy” effort against chemtrails got my attention. In a recent episode of his show ‘Off the Grid’ Ventura consults with globalist geoengineering/”climate scientists” and “expert” Ken Caldiera for answers on chemtrails operations (what Ventura calls the chemtrails “conspiracy”). […]

Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped

Ted L Gunderson Ex FBI Whistleblower Poisoned? – Dr.Ed Lucidi – Anthony J Hilder Former FBI Chief, Ted L. Gunderson, makes a statement regarding the chemtrail “death dumps”, otherwise know as air crap, on January 12, 2011. Ted says the following: “The death dumps, otherwise known as chemical trails, are being dropped and sprayed throughout […]

France Chemtrails 28 09 2014 Time Lapse

France Time Lapse

TheNowaytogo . Published on Sep 29, 2014 Epandages monstre depuis 3 jours et ce 28 09 2014 était le point culminant !! Google translation: Spraying monster for three days and 28 September 2014 was the culmination !! Lien satellite : Le ciel nous tombe sur la tête Lyon 27 septembre 2014 “Merci” ! The sky […]

The HAARP REPORT YouTube Channel on Infowars

The HAARP Report

TheAlexJonesChannel Is HAARP Causing California Drought? The HAARP Report

Kimberly Gamble: “Chemtrails” — How They Affect You and What You Can Do


Kimberly Gamble provides an overview of what chemtrails are, how they affect you , and what you can do to stop the spraying.


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