Black Chemtrails Are Seen Over Europe. ‘Smokers’


Smokers from Supercollider Productions on Vimeo. Smokers from Supercollider Productions   March 3, 2014 THIS VIDEO IS IN INITIAL DRAFT EDIT, SO PLEASE BE PATIENT AS WE ANALYSE THE DATA AND ORGANISE A FINAL EDIT TO BE PUBLISHED HERE AS SOON AS WE CAN A short film showing conclusive evidence of a fleet of commercially […]

Rainbow Reflecting Aerosols Sprayed Over San Diego In Circles

So Cal rainbow

Time-Lapse Video Documents Color Light Show Lasting 90 Minutes

San Francisco Chemtrail time-lapses


 Patrick Roddie Published on May 18, 2014 - Today was possibly the worst spraying I’ve ever witnessed over San Francisco. By the time I’d started my time-lapse, the sky was filled with crud from an armada of sprayers. Wave upon wave of scumbags relentlessly blotted out the sun with tight grids and of course we […]

Aerosol Spraying Associated With Record Flood in Pensacola April 2014

Aerosol Spraying-

 Harold Saive Aerosol Geoengineering is a reality with documentation of experiments available in the public record. But the weather channel and corporate media will never tell the story – for good reason. To release information that validates aerosol geoengineering would make skeptics of the remaining “believers” who have fallen victim to the IPCC propaganda that […]

Military Jets Spraying Side By Side

Twin sprayers

Thursday, April 24, 2014 View from Old Town, San Diego, CA – Two military “fighter” jets flew east over Ocean Beach, Mission Hills and Hillcrest neighborhoods while releasing unknown sprays.

Strange Orange Chemical Clouds Moving Through Los Angeles

Strange Orange cloud

 John Graf Published on Apr 7, 2013 I shot this video April 4, 2013 in the early evening. We have all seen the ugly chemtrails blasting grid patterns across the sky but this is something different.These were rusty looking orange clouds moving quickly through our Los Angeles skies.You can also see the weird chemtrails mixed in […]


Sprayer MN

 ChemTrailsMN Video was taken over the skies of Oklahoma City Special thanks to Stomy13Wizard13 for permission to use parts of his original footage here, CHECK OUT HIS CHANNEL after you watch my video here is A LINK to it —- just click on it:… All were tailsprayers. This video was taken over the skies […]



Source Wake up call Video compilation from Wake up call video’s share/like it really IS a Wake up call — at Tilburg (gemeente), the Netherlands Post by Wake up call.

Chemtrails from de wing


 chem lleida Chemical spraying over Lleida (Spain-Europe)

Germany – Strange chemtrail twin spraying maneuver 9th January 2013

Strange Spraying

Source La Traviata Very strange behaviour of some chemtrail spraying “planes”. Or are they something other? Audio commentary in german. Mostly mumbling to myself. I believe they are using the military airport not far from here. Again i may be wrong. Record date: 09.01.2013 ( Record time: 15:10 approx. Location: Puchheim, Germany Direction pointing: West Feb 14 2013 […]


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San Francisco

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