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How YOU Can Help

There are three ways you can help stop Chemtrails – Geoengineering:

  1. Join the fast growing global activist community: the Thrive Solutions Hub (click here)
  2. Become active locally in the Thrive Solutions Hub and share best practices globally
  3. Tell others about the Thrive Solutions Hub

Read why you should get involved in the Thrive Solutions Hub to stop chemtrails here:

The Thrive Solutions Hub: An Evolutionary Tool for Resolving Critical World Issues By Enabling Activists to Pool Their Resources and Talents

Kimberly Gamble: “We Can Stop Chemtrials”

Watch below the Workshop presented by Kimberly and Foster Gamble at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo on Saturday, Feb 8, 2013 titled “Change the World by Doing What You Love.” Learn about the Thrive Solutions Hub and how you can help resolve critical issues like chemtrails by getting involved in the area you are most passionate about (one of 12 sectors). Also hear about successes of the Solutions Hub model including:

  • Stopped the spraying for moths in California
  • Stopped Smart Meter installation in their county.

Watch the Gamble’s workshop presentation and hear Kimberly say that WE (including YOU) can apply the same model to stop chemtrails:

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a follow-up interview with Kimberly in which she goes into more detail about stopping chemtrails, including the plan to leverage the knowledge of people like YOU:

YouTube Preview Image
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